SharePoint Records Management for Global Mining Company

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Project Description

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SharePoint Records Management for Global Mining Company

The client is a global mining company with centralized business teams and global operational teams. The client is an industry leader in the areas of safety, environmental stewardship, positive social impact and profitability.

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The client’s corporate legal department developed a comprehensive record retention schedule in line with industry and company compliance standards. The retention schedule, while complete, had no electronic means or IT systems capable of proper enforcement. Internal IT systems lacked the maturity to provide a solid infrastructure for rolling out the record retention schedule while differing global requirements made the record retention schedule nearly impossible to enforce in the current state.

Existing systems of record retention at client sites included a combination of paper based records stored on site and physical record storage by third party storage providers. The amount of paper based records quickly becoming expensive and difficult to manage. The client required a technology solution to better store data as well as increase global compliance of the record retention schedule.
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Coldwater Software developed a SharePoint based electronic records system designed to accommodate a variety of departmental record retention policies. This electronic system was developed to be compliant with the client’s existing record retention schedule and match company compliance standards.

Working with the project owners, Coldwater Software conducted numerous interviews and assessments to ensure the development of a solution which met the needs of all stakeholders involved. Upon completion of the technical solution, developed in SharePoint 2010, Coldwater Software provided on-site trainings to both the client’s leadership team and project owners. The client currently uses this solution today to track and monitor all organization documentation.


Skills Needed

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