Office 365 Migration for National Non-Profit

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Project Description

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Office 365 Migration for National Non-Profit

The client is a non-profit educational institution focused on providing affordable, easily accessible financial education for the American workforce. The client delivers financial expertise and training on an educational, non-solicitous basis to employees at their work location.

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Due to the client’s ecosystem of thousands of people across the United States, managing engagements and centralizing program data became a major challenge. Trainers in the field generated documentation and engagement data, but were not sharing the information with other trainers or company management. Data management and versioning control became a major problem for the client.

To solve this problem, the company planned on implementing a CRM system to create a central location for all company relationships and activities. Unfortunately, this plan had a number of drawbacks. The complexity of the out-of-box solution, challenges of onboarding a massive number of users, security and data control limitations as well as overall cost encouraged the client to approach Coldwater Software to provide a technology assessment and recommendations for a more holistic technology solution.

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To meet the client’s desire for improved organizational communication and collaboration while managing IT costs of data hosting, Coldwater Software worked with the client’s IT and Operations teams to design a custom SharePoint based CRM solution hosted in the Microsoft Office 365 environment.

Coldwater worked with a variety of organizational stakeholders to design a centralized solution that fit the client’s desire to host data in the cloud while delivering critical documentation and engagement data to the end users. Upon selection of Office 365 as the correct environment, Coldwater Software managed the complete migration of users into the Office 365 system and provided training to ensure a smooth and easy transition.

Coldwater Software continues to manage support and incremental system upgrades to the system. Since implementation, the client has seen tangible business ROI due to increased communication and organization collaboration while reducing IT costs.


Skills Needed

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