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Project Description

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Mobile Training Solution for Fortune 500 Company

The client is a global mining company with centralized business teams and global operational teams. The client is an industry leader in the areas of safety, environmental stewardship, positive social impact and profitability.

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The client operates mine sites all over the world and strives to create a positive impact in all the communities in which they conduct business. The Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) department created a training program to ensure mining operations are conducted safely and responsibility in the communities in which they operate.

The client current offers a web-based training for all employees to ensure corporate compliance with ESR and organizational standards. The initial web-based training was a combination of videos and a user idea-submission tool (Idea Lifecycle Management (IML) solution previously created by Coldwater Software). Training duration is between one and two hours per user. The training program is run through the client’s two Learning Management Systems (LMS) and is distributed to employees at a variety of office locations. The training was well-received, and the client decided to create a mobile solution to reach a wider audience of remote and off-site workers.

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Coldwater Software developed a training platform built on HTML5, JQuery, ASP.NET and JavaScript to address the client’s needs. Based on detailed analysis and research with the client, a customized mobile training solution was built to expand training to 20,000+ of the client’s employees; many of whom operate in remote areas.

To streamline the process, data was hosted outside of the clients firewall in the cloud with regular queries from the client’s internal Learning Management Systems (LMS) and SharePoint sites to ensure a unified training experience.

The client continues to develop trainings to rollout to their global workforce in this manner as it has proven to be a more effective way to engage and reach employees worldwide.



Skills Needed

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