Global SharePoint Intranet for Mining Company

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Project Description

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Global SharePoint Intranet for Mining Company

The client is a leading international mining company in the process of centralizing business functions to allow regional units to focus on mining operations. Additionally the client was looking to dramatically change the culture to improve international collaboration and productivity.

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The client had an outdated, decentralized intranet solution that was underutilized by employees and unreliable for search and collaboration. Additionally, the cost of maintenance was high, with servers in 6+ locations around the globe.

With an enterprise-wide push to centralize management functions and synch up similar organizational proficiencies around the world, our client wanted an intranet portal that would enable global collaboration and content sharing while ensuring industrial strength search capabilities.

Additionally, the executive leadership team wanted to improve utilization in the new portal so it could be relied upon as means to communicate information back and forth with the employee population.

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To meet the client’s desire for cost reduction while driving centralization of organizational functions, Coldwater worked with the client’s infrastructure team to design and build out a highly available SharePoint farm with redundant web front ends and application servers. This enabled the team to shut down servers across the globe and reduce support costs significantly worldwide.

During the yearlong migration effort, business processes and tools were integrated into the SharePoint environment to increase traffic and utilization of the portal. Along with a heavy change management effort during the project, these steps led to quick adoption, high traffic and increased satisfaction with the new SharePoint site.

Coldwater also developed an improved navigation solution for SharePoint that included a regional navigation and a consistent top menu and footer that allowed a user to easily move from one region to another and from one department to another. FAST search servers and software were installed and customized search centers were built to vastly improve search capabilities.

The client continues to leverage the improved capabilities of the new SharePoint intranet solution and has seen a dramatic improvement organizational collaboration and a significant reduction in maintenance costs to support the new system.


Skills Needed

[progress percentage=”98″ filledcolor=”#81d742″ unfilledcolor=”#e0e0e0″]strategy and planning[/progress]
[progress percentage=”98″ filledcolor=”#81d742″ unfilledcolor=”#e0e0e0″]business analysis[/progress]
[progress percentage=”98″ filledcolor=”#81d742″ unfilledcolor=”#e0e0e0″]information architecture[/progress]
[progress percentage=”98″ filledcolor=”#81d742″ unfilledcolor=”#e0e0e0″]content migration[/progress]
[progress percentage=”50″ filledcolor=”#81d742″ unfilledcolor=”#e0e0e0″]training[/progress]
[progress percentage=”70″ filledcolor=”#81d742″ unfilledcolor=”#e0e0e0″]solution development[/progress]
[progress percentage=”40″ filledcolor=”#81d742″ unfilledcolor=”#e0e0e0″]systems integration[/progress]