Digital Workplace Assessment for Global Technology Distributor

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Project Description

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Digital Workplace Assessment for Global Technology Distributor

The client is a Fortune 100 company, and the world’s largest technology distributor and a global leader in IT supply-chain, mobile device lifecycle services and logistics solutions. The client has representation in 37 countries providing support to customers through approximately 20,800 world-wide associates.

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The communication department for the client is responsible for spearheading a major overhaul in how information is distributed and accessed by their employees worldwide. Currently, employees have a variety of medians to share and consume information which includes a heavy use of email, regional intranet sites and outdated Line-of-Business (LOB) applications targeted towards small percentages of the global workforce.

The heavy presence of disparate systems used to communication and access organizational information has led to a wide variety of processes and best practices across the global business units. This lack of standardization has created “pockets of information” which have led to the development of significant gaps in organization knowledge which hindered the ability for organizational collaboration.[/one_half]

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Coldwater Software was engaged by the client to create a comprehensive technology assessment and roadmap for a new intranet system for the client. In conjunction with an industry recognized communication consultant, Coldwater Software provided assessments around technology, user experience, intranet governance, intranet design and stakeholder adoption best practices.

By focusing all recommendations on how to deliver tangible ROI to the client, Coldwater Software was able to provide a clear roadmap to consolidate and streamline the many disparate forms of information access and consumption.[/one_half]


Skills Needed

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